Measuring fantasy value through usage and opportunity

Grades for all fantasy football players & stats that truly matter to give you a true edge against your opponents.

Our team grades explained.

Team Positional Usage: This grade (50 is always NFL average) represents how much of the offense is flowing through each fantasy position(QB, RB, WR and TE). This is not a percentage of touches as it accounts for where each position is getting the touches on the field so a touch in the Red-Zone is worth more than outside of it, and a Goal-Line touch is worth more than a Red-Zone touch etc. This metric is used to evaluate what the most valuable fantasy position is for each team. There is also a Team Position Usage for every defense as well, this measures where their opponents offensive system is flowing, this makes it easy to see what their opponents have gameplaned against the defense. We break down these grades to Outside of the 20yd line, 20 to 5yd line, and inside the 5yd line to see how a team changes its playcalling when approaching the endzone. Trending grades only account for the last 3 weeks so you can compare how each team is changing throughout the season.

Team Positional Performance: This grade, on a scale of 0-100, represents how well each fantasy position(QB, RB, WR and TE) has performed. This grade ignores playtime and number of touches, it purely grades performance. This is a great metric for determining how well each position has performed. There is also a defensive grade that measures how well the defensive opponents have played against them. The defensive grade is fantastic at finding weak points in a defense.

Team Positional Fantasy Value: This grade, on a scale of 0-100, is a single metric for each fantasy position(QB, RB, WR and TE) and grades fantasy value for each team. This metric is best used to compare teams and find the better situation for players in the position. The higher this metric is the more valuable the position in the offensive system. There is also a defensive grade for this and it reflects the overall fantasy value of positions against the defense.

Team Positional Expected Gameflow: This grade, on a scale of 0-100, predicts how much of each position will be used in each game. This takes into account the vegas spreads, usage and success rates of each position over the entire season and the last 3 weeks to account for adjustments that are made throughout the season.

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Our player grades explained.

System Usage: This grade, on a scale of 0-100, measures how much each player is getting the snaps and touches within his position on his team. For example a RB who is on the field more and getting more touches than any other RB on his team he will have a higher grade. This is the single best metric for determining the workhorse RBs as they are the ones who share the least amount of time, and thus score the most amount of points.

Player Performance: This grade, on a scale of 0-100, measures how well each player is performing and ignores how much they are touching the ball. This is great for comparing 2 players of similar System Usage grades as they would have a similar workload.

Pos Fantasy Value: When looking at the player grades, this is an average of the players Offensive Team Positional Fantasy Value and the Definsive Team Positional Fantasy Value of his opponent.

Opportunity Grade: This grade, on a scale of 0-100, measures the overall fantasy value for each player at a fantasy position(QB, RB, WR, TE). It takes into account every metric above and weights it against the defensive team grades to find the best fantasy football plays for each week. This one single metric is the overall fantasy value for each player and the players with the highest grades should see the most time on the field and the most opportunity.

Hard to find player and team stats.

-RB- 3rd down snaps, RZ & GL Snaps, RZ & GL att targets and TD's, Sacks allowed in pass blocking situations and missed blocks.

-WR & TE- Drops, RZ & GL snaps targets receptions and TD's(I do not count RZ & GL Targets if it is a throw away, even though it is a target by Elias)

-OL- Missed Blocks and Sacks Allowed

-Defensive Players- Snaps, Sacks, QB Hits, Times Targeted, Receptions allowed, TD's Allowed(passing game only)

Weekly Statistical matchups for every game, every week.

Broken down for every player that is dressing in the upcoming game.